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Traditional & Conventional in looks Wooden Handicrafts are sure to be found at Art Land Impex...

About Art Land Impex

Harboring love for Indian Handicrafts, the proprietor of our company,'Mr. Mohd. Haris Abdullah' stepped into this industry years back in 1993. At that time, market of Indian Handicrafts wasn't that satisfactory as people enamored by modernism were drifting away from the real value of art and culture which is clearly depicted in Indian Handicraft Items. But slowly with change in time and with stepping in of companies like us that by assimilating modern techniques and traditional designs provides attractive Handicraft Items, the market of such products started to rise. At Art Land Impex, we assure customers will experience the real beauty of art by looking towards our Handicraft Items such as Wooden Bowls, Wooden Mirror Frames, Wooden Photo Frames, Wooden Pizza Plates, Wooden Trays, and much more. Usage of offerings by anybody will not just elevate standard of that person by giving other people impression of him/her being deep art lover but also aids in giving satisfaction to the person that his/her money is being invested in something worth buying. As a trusted Manufacturer, we use unmatched quality of wood for crafting offered products. The wood is sourced by trusted vendors of the market after conducting deep analysis (Tests).

Unending Love For Wooden Handicrafts

No matter how old trend of Wooden Handicrafts people might consider, one thing that will always remain absolute truth is the love and admiration that people bear for hand crafted products. Gift and other decorative products like Lamps, Candle Holders of modern looks with no trace of traditional design in them might attract people for short-term, but the same offerings made using quality material like (Wood) and conventional designs grasp more attention because of their uniqueness, representation of perfect art and intricate work. Knowing the unending love of especially Wooden Handicrafts of people, our company has entered into this domain. To make people who have somewhere get lost in the world of fake art that solely pleases the eye and survive for short-period, realize the value of hand made offerings whose charm and glory is unending, our mentor has taken up this job of Wooden Handicrafts Supplier.

Building Promising Market For Indian Handicrafts

Our company is contributing it's bit by promoting culture of Indian Handicrafts. By manufacturing artistic Wooden Products, and supplying them at cost-effective rates, thus increasing sales volumes, we are benefiting the market of Indian Handicrafts a lot by building a promising future market. Our artistic craft-persons employ their creativity in making offered Handicrafts of unique designs, attractive looks and long-lasting luster. Change in the way production of such products are done, i.e., amalgamating both conventional and contemporary designs to satisfy both modern and traditional requirements, by companies like us is accelerating growth of overall Indian Handicraft & Gift Industry. Recently calculated increased percentage 10.02% (Approx), showcases the bright and promising future of Indian Handicrafts.

Why Choose Us?

Below cited are few positive points of our business enterprise:
  • Excellent Financial Stability
  • Deep Market Knowledge
  • Complete Customer-Care Support
  • Easy Payment Options